Friday Sept 1

 Friday 1st September

Riverdeck Restaurant 12pm-2pm

Bookings (07) 5474 1100

Simon Stribling (Tpt) Ian Smith (Tpt)  Jason Downes (Rds) Steve Grant (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs) Peter Hooper (Bjo) Laurie Lyster (dms)  Tamsin (Voc)

Miss Moneypenny’s

12.30-2.30 pm

Bookings (07) 5474 9999

Peter Gaudion (Tpt) Ashley Gaudion (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) James Clark(Bs) Rod Gilbert (Drms)

Nigel Date (Gtr) Juliarna (Voc)

Cafe Le Monde 

Bookings (07) 5449 2366

Jazz Party Jam Session – 1/9/17 • 1 pm FREE

An impromptu 8 piece comprising of a line up of ‘your favourite’ Jazz musicians. This is a one time only special line up of well-established artists – Geoff Bull (Tpt) Harry Price (Tbn) Brad Child (Rds) P.Furniss (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drums) Dave Burrows (Gtr).

Nigel Date – 1/9/17 • 3 pm FREE

A freelance professional guitarist based in Sydney, Nigel Date has more than 30 years playing experience. Working with many of Australia’s best jazz musicians. This is a chance to get up close and personal.

Out Of Abingdon – 1/9/17 • 5 pm FREE

Warwick Hargreaves – Guitar / Vocals

Tina Fullerton – Double Bass / Vocals

From a passionate desire to make raw beautiful music that grooves and delights, OUT of ABINGDON have built a unique sound that draws from influences including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Grant Green, Bjork & Nina Simone. Their understated elegance draws the listener in …. OUT of ABINGDON toured the UK and Europe in 2011 & 2012 playing shows in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris and Berlin and have played over 600 gigs together in the last 6 years, at festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Brisbane International Jazz, Noosa Jazz and the Gold Coast Folk, Gulgong Folk & Neurum Creek Music Festivals to clubs, bars, cafes, private and corporate functions in Brisbane and East Coast Australia.

They have independently recorded & released three albums.

Their debut ‘Journeys’ in 2011, recorded in the beautiful acoustics of a bluestone church in country Victoria.


The “J” Theatre

5pm New Orleans Revival

Geoff Bull (Tpt) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Paul Furniss (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) James Clark (Bs)Rod Gilbert (Drms) John Cox (Bjo)

6pm John Braben’s Trad Band

John Braben (Tpt) Harry  Price (Tbn) Paul Williams (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) Chris Ludowyk (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms)

7pm Peter’s Preachers

Peter Gaudion (Tpt) Simon Stribling (Tpt) Ashley Gaudion (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) Nigel Date (Gtr)

8pm Sax Attack

Brad Child (Sax) Paul Williams (Sax) Paul Furniss (Sax) Peter Locke (Pno) Mark Elton(Bs) Rod Gilbert (Drms)Dave Burrows (Gtr)

9pm Washboard Rhythm Kings

Brett Iggulden (Tpt) Simon Stribling (Tpt) Geoff Power (Tbn) Michael McQuaid (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Ian Smith (Drms) John Cox (Bjo)

10 pm Bechet, Bring it on!

Paul Furniss (Rds) Michael McQuaid (Rds) Jason Downes (Rds) Steve Grant (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs)Rod Gilbert (Drms) Nigel  Date (Gtr)