Saturday Sept 2

Saturday 2nd September

Riverdeck Restaurant

12pm – 2pm

Steve Grant (Tpt) Brad Child (Rds) Michael McQuaid (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Rod Gilbert (Drms) Dave Burrows (Gtr)

Café Le Monde

Bookings   Ph: 5449 2366

Jazz Party Jam Session • 1 pm   FREE  

An impromptu 8 piece comprising of a line up of ‘your favourite’ Jazz musicians. This is a one time only special line up of well-established artists – Simon Stribling (Tpt) Ashley Gaudion (Rds) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) James Clark (Bs) Laurie Lyster (Drums) Peter Hooper (Bjo, Juliarna (Voc)

Nigel Date• 3 pm   FREE 

5:30 pm *tickets available through website    The Ant Aggs Organisation feat. Elly Hoyt  

The Ant Aggs Organisation is led by producer / composer / pianist Ant Aggs. Ant has performed in over 25 countries with the likes of Xavier Rudd, Toni Childs, Tim Finn and many others. He recently completed a 46 show tour in 54 days across 15 countries with Xavier Rudd. Joining him on the night is one of Australia’s hottest rhythm sections consisting of – Shannon Sol Carroll, Oj Newcomb and Max Sportelli along with award winning jazz vocalist Elly Hoyt.

The Hummin’  • 8 pm

A group featuring the songwriter (Peter Hunt) and members from the world beat group Kooii and expanding on that vibration of soul-song, reggae, African and jazz.

DJs Ant Aggs & Natø   10pm – 12pm


El Capitano

  from 7:30 pm    Ant Aggs Quartet featuring . Elly Hoyt 

The “J” Theatre

5 pm Mould Unlimited

Ian Smith (Tpt) Brett Iggulden (Rds) Paul Furniss (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) Nigel Date (Gtr)

6 pm Ash’s Band

Ashley Gaudion (Rds) Michael McQuaid  (Tpt)Geoff Bull (Tpt)) Harry Price (Tbn)  Peter Locke (Pno)

Chris Ludowyk (Bs) Laurie Lyster (dr) Peter Hooper (Bjo)

7 pm He Sings as Well!

Rod Gilbert (Voc) Steve Grant (Tpt) Harry Price (Tbn)Michael McQuaid (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs)  Anthony Howe (Drms) Nigel Date (Gtr)

8 pm Simon’s Smoothies

Simon Stribling (Tpt) Paul Williams (Rds) Brad Child (Rds) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Peter Locke (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs) Laurie Lyster (Drms) Peter Hooper (Bjo)

9 pm Juliarna’s Nonet

Juliarna (Voc) Peter Gaudion (Tpt)  Brett Iggulden (Rds) Jason Downes (Rds) Paul Williams (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) James Clark (Bs) Lauirie Lyster (Drms)  Nigel Date (Gtr)

10 pm Morton/Oliver Band

John Braben (Tpt) Simon Stribling (Tpt) Mike Hawthorne (Tbn) Paul Furniss (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Ian Smith (Drms) Richard Stevens (Sousa) Greg Garrett (Bjo}