Sunday Sept 3

 Sunday 3rd September

Riverdeck Restaurant 12.30-2.30pm

Geoff Bull (Tpt) Paul Furniss (Rds) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Peter Locke (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) John Cox (Bjo)

RACV Legends Lunch 12.30-2.30pm

Café Le Monde

Bookings   Ph: 5449 2366

The Brookes Street Grind (trio)• 1 pm   FREE  

The Brookes St Grind are a fresh jazz quintet from JMI in Brisbane, influenced heavily by the Art Blakey hard bop style. The BSG all study and perform together regularly in different ensembles and styles around Brisbane.



Free Concert Lions Park Noosaville

12.30 –2pm St Andrews Jazz Ensemble and Sunshine Coast Youth Jazz Orchestra.

2 pm Brett Iggulden, Michael McQuaid (rds) Jason Downes (rds) Mike Hawthorne (tbn) Jo Bloomfield (pno) Matt Eves (bass) Nigel Date (gtr) Laurie Lyster (dms)

3 pm Simon Stribling (tpt) Paul Williams (rds) Brad Child (rds) Geoff Power (tbn) Matt Eves/ James Clark (bass) Laurie Lyster (dms) Peter Hooper (bjo) Juliarna Vocal

The “J” Theatre

5 pm What A Show!

Peter Gaudion (Tpt) Simon Stribling Tpt Harry Price (Tbn) Jason Downes (Rds) Steve Grant (Pno)

James Clark (Bass) Ian Smith (Drms) Peter Hooper (Bjo)

6 pm Salute to Smacka

Brett Iggulden (Tpt) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Jason Downes (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Richard Stevens (Sousa) Ian Smith (Drms) Greg Garrett (Bjo)

7 pm Howler & Eel’s Prowlers

Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) Steve Grant (Tpt) Brad Child (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) Nigel Date (Gtr)  Kristilee (Voc)

8 pm Bradford Child Jazz Orchestra

Steve Grant (Tpt) Michael McQuaid (Tpt) Peter Locke (Tpt) Geoff Power (Tbn) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Brad Child(Rds) Paul Williams (Rds) Jason Downes (Rds) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms)

9 pm Here Come the Girls!

Juliarna (Voc) Tamsin West (Voc) Simon Stribling (Tpt) Harry Price (Tbn) Paul Williams (Rds) Ash Gaudion (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Laurie Lyster (Drms) Dave Burrows (Gtr) James  Clarke  (Bass)

10 pm East Coast Frisco & Final Bash

Ian Smith (Tpt) John Braben (Tpt) Mike Hawthorne (Tbn) Michael McQuaid (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Rod Gilbert (Drms) Richard Stevens (Sousa) Greg Garrett (Bjo),

Plus all players for farewell Jam Thank you for your attendance.
Patsy and Richard Stevens