Thursday Aug 31

Thursday 31st August

Sunshine Beach Surf Club 12.00 PM

Bookings for Diners (07)5447 5491

Band A          Brett Iggulden (Tpt) (Rds) John Braben (Tpt) Geoff Speed (Rds) Mike  Hawthorne (Tbn) Jo Bloomfield (Pno)                                Rod Andrew (Drms)  Richard Stevens (Sousa) Greg Garrett (Bjo)

Band  B

Peter Gaudion (Tpt) Simon Stribling (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) James Clark (Bs) Rod Gilbert (Drms) Juliarna and Amelia (voc) Nigel Date (Grtr)

Cafe Le Monde

Bookings   Ph: 5449 2366

The Lava Lamps

 6:30 pm   FREE  

Silky grooves from funky soul sauce to frothy beer jazz the Lava Lamps will have you dancing, swooning, spiralling and jumping. From twists on known tunes to momentary creations of fresh original grooves, Lava Lamps keep you engaged with curves, angles and reflections offering unprocessed organic music.

The “J” Theatre 

Mr Rod Andrew MC

5pm Jo’s Blokes

Jo Bloomfield (Pno) John Braben (Tpt) Paul Furniss (Rds) Mike Hawthorne (Tbn) Rod Gilbert (Drms) Richard Stevens (Sousa) Dave Burrows (Gtr)

6pm Stribo’s Stompers

Simon Stribling (Tpt) Paul Williams (Rds) Brad Child (Rds) Geoff Power (Tbn) Bob Sedergreen (Pno) Matt Eves (Bs) Laurier Lyster (Drms) Nigel Date (Gtr)

7pm Harry’s Hooligans

Harry Price (Tbn) Ian Smith (Tpt) Paul Furniss (Rds) Peter Locke (Pno) Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) Dave Burrows (Gtr)

8pm French Connection

Juliarna (Voc) Steve Grant (Tpt) Peter Locke (Pno) James Clark (Bs) Rod Gilbert (Drms) Nigel Date (Gtr)

9pm Echoes of Armstrong

Peter Gaudion (Tpt) Simon Stribling (Tpt) Ash Gaudion (Rds) Brett Iggulden (Rds Steve Grant (Pno)

Mark Elton (Bs) Anthony Howe (Drms) John Cox (Gtr) Kristilee (Voc)

10pm Noosa Meets New Orleans

Geoff Bull (Tpt) Chris Ludowyk (Tbn) Jason Downes (Rds) Jo Bloomfield (Pno) Ian Smith (Drms) Matt Eves (Bs)  Peter Hooper (Bjo)