August - Hot peppers jazz band

Fri 19th August 2022 - Harbour wine Bar - Tewantin

3pm - 6pm 

$15 with a glass of bubbles 

Enjoy great food and drinks and ...

Toe Tapping Traditional Jazz with the Hot Peppers Jazz Band

Since its humble plantings on the fertile, north-facing banks of the Edwards River in Deniliquin New South Wales in 1995, the band has enjoyed a steady increase in market acceptability.

Tours overseas, Festivals, Conventions and Jazz Clubs throughout Australia have been the mainstay for its performances.

Now in Queensland the band enthusiastically embraces the ‘Classic’ era of Jazz (1900 – 1930) once again. Compositions by Lilian Harden, Oliver, Morton, and other old masters provide a nostalgic glimpse into the rich tradition of early Jazz.

The band motto is ‘If you can’t dance to it we won’t play it’.

Come along and enjoy.

Hot Peppers jazz band

Hot Peppers Jazz Band

Jo Bloomfield, John Braben, Paul Williams, Kevin Brown, Richard Stevens and Rod Andrew

The Hot Peppers Jazz Band is again presenting its rhythms and toe tapping jazz that gives your feet a real work out.

The timeless compositions of Joseph ‘ King’ Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, W.C. Handy and J.P. Johnson  are performed by skilled artists, who take their music seriously at the same time that they feel it joyously.

You are invited to enjoy the entertainment with the band as  well as the great food and wine at the Harbour Wine Bar in  Tewantin.

Bookings are essential to join in the fun with this outstanding band. Call Neale on: 0418 339 930

Introducing Anna Quayle
Anna Quayle

Anna Quayle, who is singing during the Noosa Jazz Party will be our guest for a couple of numbers prior to her own concert commencing at the Marina after 6pm.  As a most accomplished vocalist, she will provide you with a glimpse of her very considerable talents.

This concert will be the principal advertising event prior to the commencement of the 2022 Noosa Heads Jazz Club’s Jazz Party.


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