The Noosa Heads Jazz Club – A History

The Noosa Heads Jazz Club was formed on 25 October 1994. This significant 30th anniversary milestone was marked by appointing key individuals who played pivotal roles in the club’s establishment.

Richard Stevens was appointed Chairman, Janet Uphill as Secretary and Patsy Stevens as Treasurer. The club’s administration and operations were entrusted to a steering Committee comprising: Richard Stevens, Frank Johnson, Janet Uphill, Austin Stringer, Gus Meyer, and Graham Stevens. Richard Stevens and Frank Johnson were appointed to the Program Committee, and Graham Stevens was appointed to head the Social Committee. Richard Stevens and Penny Bunning handled publicity and Tony Gordon provided computer help. Austin Stringer, a partner in Cartwright, Richardson and Stringer, Solicitors, was tasked with investigating a suitable constitution for the Club.

The Steering Committee wasted no time in establishing the Noosa Heads Jazz Club’s functions and incorporating it as a registered association. Their efficient work led to the drafting of the Constitution and the organisation of the Club’s first series of events. These included a function at Cheers Restaurant, Peregian, on Easter Sunday, a supper dance at the Bicentennial Hall Annex on 6 May and the Aqueous Ball at the Bicentennial Hall on 11 June.

This successful establishment set the stage for the Club’s future. The Jazz Club’s journey reached a significant milestone when it transitioned to an Incorporated Association on 27 June 1995. This achievement marked a new chapter in the Club’s history, inspiring it to continue its mission of promoting jazz in the Noosa community.

The Club’s first meeting as an Incorporated Association was on 3 July 1995; it noted that the Aqueous Ball was a “very successful function” with a profit of $1,217, and a decision was made to hold future functions at the Noosa Arts Theatre. By this time, the Club had one hundred and eighty-four financial members, a testament to its growing popularity and importance in the community.

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